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'92 100CS, CC OBD error 15.1 = G113 sensor?

For the past several months my climate control on-board diagnostic
display has been showing a 15.1 error on channel 1. This is supposedly
an error with sensor G113, the air flow flap potentiometer. 

Yesterday, after dropping another $900 into the 100CS at AutoBon for
various items, I got to discussing the error with the owner of the
shop. We first started perusing the commercial version of Alldata and
found a note from Audi stating the G113 sensor is not installed in
US/Canadian cars and to just ignore the error. Not believing everything
we read, we ended up hooking up a VAG1552 to my car for a looksee.

Well, sure as sh*t there is an error and it shows it as a short or
constant open of the G113 sensor. We cleared the code, shut down my
car, restarted it... 15.1. Though now, I'd swear that everything is
working as advertised; air flow is being directed to the correct vents
depending upon the temperture of the air. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe the
air was always flowing correctly... who knows? Either way, the air is
being directed correctly, though I'm still receiving the error.

I guess this is my long'roundabout way of asking, has anyone else had a
problem with this mysterious G113 sensor? If so, was there a "fix" to
get rid of the error? I became very comfortable with checking the CC
OBD and receiving a 00.0 clean bill of health, I hate seeing this damn

Sean Ford
'92 Audi 100CS 5-spd non-q
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