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Re: Great Tires

 Agreed. My former Yokohamas seemed to wear down even while sitting in the driveway - REALLY fast. The MXV4's I bought thousands and thousands of miles ago still look new, and drive, look, sound and handle great
(FWD dorF, 195-60-15, to be fair and for comparison).Just put a couple of D60A2's on the front of the Audi. So far, so good, but only 2300 miles in.

Shaun Folkerts
'89 200QW

> I had a set of Michelins on the rear of my Passat that refused to wear
> out while the
> yokies on the front must have been laying down a thin layer of rubber
> everywhere they
> went judging by the mileage I got from them, nothing stuck to the the
> road better though.
> Peter
> 95 A4 2.6Q