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Re: Great Tires

I would say that Yokohoma is superior to Michelin in terms of dry road 
performance and handling, and sometimes rain/snow (depends on model). 
Michelin will always last longer because they are made using a harder rubber 
compound than the Yokes. The problem I have experienced with Michelin MXV 
series (besides the inflated prices) is that when the tire gets toward the 
end of its life, instead of wearing evenly (and I always aligned my cars 
regularly) the treads began to separate internally and cup out even with 
5-6,000 mile rotation intervals. Yokohama makes a superior tire for the Audi 
than Michelin in my opinion and the opinions of hundreds of others who made 
the switch. The A509 is an awesome tire, but too much tire for the 100! If 
you had a V8 or A8 or even a coupe, this would be a good choice, but the S4 
is the right tire for your 100. H rated is all you need. You're not going 
over 130mph are you?  Good luck.

Rockville, MD
1990 V8Q
1990 100
In a message dated 12/16/1999 9:29:15 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
iain.atkinson@etl.ericsson.se writes:

<< rpdalton@onebox.com writes:
 > From searching the archives I see that the best
 >  in decreasing order seem to be:  Yokahoma AVS S4,
 >  Goodrich Comp T/A, Dunlop SP.  This seems to leave
 >  Michelins out.  Tirerack rates the above three
 >  higher than Michelin MXV4 which are now on the
 >  car.  Do tirerack's ratings really reflect real
 >  world performance?  If so, Yokahoma at $70 looks
 >  like a great deal compaired to the Michelin MXV4
 >  at $129.   >>