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Re: Search goes on (was Opinions Wanted...)

The local BMW dealer in Boulder has a Euro-spec M5 (1988 or so) for sale for
around $10,500.  Looks like it's in pretty good shape for the price.
Wouldn't want to drive it around in the snow, but that's a lot of fun for
Jeff Fithian
95 A6q


Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 19:01:59 -0700
From: only5kgt@uswest.net
Subject: Search goes on (was Opinions Wanted...)

Hello everyone,

Understated style goes a long way towards impressing me. The
car I saw several years ago in European Car sums up about my
ideal ride: '72 BMW 3.0CS, with suspension, driveline, and
powerplant from '88 M5! My Audi equivalent: I wish for a 20v
ur-Q- cloaked in standard '85 Coupe bodywork- how's that for
the sleeper with flair? Hell, I can't count the number of


'85 CGT