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RE: FS: '87 4kq Turbo

Do you really have to ask? Superior chassis. The A4 Avant
in my family corners better than an M3. Of course, that is
after H&R coilovers, 17" wheels, AVS Sport.

Taka Mizutani
'86 5kcstq
'99.5 A4 Avant 1.8TQMS

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> 	Also, in the corners adams 5ktq and Alex-s 200 fly.  Now with all
> that weight Braking is a serious problem (hmmm, that weight thing keeps
> coming up doesnt it :-)  but I think on a fast track they are pretty even
> matches.  5ktq faster on the straight, 4ktq faster out of corners
> (weight) and inthe tighter twisties.  Again, with both cars

Er, the 5ktq won't be faster on the straight unless the 4ktq runs
out of gearing, assuming the same engine mods, if any.  The extra
weight of the 5k will slow its acceleration.

Now someone tell me why the A4qs do so well... they are the same
weight as the 5ktq (with the exception of the 1.8Tq 5 speed
which is about 100 lbs less).