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bentley VIN codes, type 44

Are the VIN codes in the bentley not complete for the type 44 cars?  My VIN
seems to have some conflictions, and I'm just wondering if there is better
info out there.

Here's what I found:

Line and body type (digit #4, bentley's "pos 2"):
bentley lists choices:
F - sedan 4-door
H - turbo

but my car has a "D", so what's up? as far as I can tell, my 5000S quattro
is a non turbo 4 door sedan...

bentley lists:
B - 2.2 l 100hp gas
C - 2.2 l 130hp turbo gas

but my car has a "C" and it is non turbo (2.3 l)

And what's this "Active Restraint System"?
It says my car has one, but it doesn't, Does it??

Matt Caprio
1988 5000 S Quattro
with factory rust colored springs