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Re: jack slipped

The post '85 VW Golf/Jetta (A2 series) jack is actually an nice scissor
jack and it has a pocket that almost fits the Audi sill. It is
significantly more stable than the Audi half-a-scissor. To make it work
on an Audi, I'd suggest building up the sides of the pocket with wood so
that the sill isn't crushed by the shallowness of the pocket. I still
wouldn't rely on it to hold up the car, but it's safer than the Audi
model. I'd still use a jack stand. I currently use a shop hydraulic jack
+ stands when in the garage. 

On Sat, 18 Dec 1999 18:33:12 -0600 "Daniel Hussey"
<dan_hussey@email.msn.com> writes:
>> Had the misfortune of having my trusty Audi jack fold under the car 
>> I was trying to raise the car.  (wheel was off)  Lead screw looks 
>like a
>> u-bolt now.  Fortunately, no one was under the car.  Was on level, 
>> surface (garage floor).  Not quite sure why it slipped, although 
>> always been a bit suspicious of that jack.
>> Anyway, anyone have any suggestions on where to find a new jack.
>> Carlsen's, Audi junk yards, etc.
>> Thanks,
>> Charlie Krafft
>See!  I have been warning people about those damn Audi jacks for 
>years.  No
>one listens.  I had one supporting my car as I was checking out my 
>brakes a
>few years ago and the plastic support at the top snapped while I was
>underneath it!!!!  Scared the hell out of me and could have killed me. 
> But,
>luckly car was teetering, but didn't fall.  I very carefully and 
>quckly put
>back on the wheel and lowered it.  Whew.  It was a close call.  Then, 
>I had
>my current car fall (luckly hadn't removed wheel) while trying to 
>change a
>flat tire last year with one.  I still have it in the trunk, but don't 
>it!  I reccomend getting a nice solid jack from somewhere with a large 
>(what I found to be the biggest problem of the OEM jack) and no 
>parts, or at least carrying a jack stand in the trunk and USING it.
>I know, I've heard all the lectures before on safety, but just want to 
>of someone who has found a good compact jack that works well and