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Audi/BBS wheel color????

Hey gang,

Repainting my set of OEM BBS wheels off my 89 200TQ this weekend so I can
mount my Hakkas and not be scared to death of driving anymore.  Anyways, I
bought the Wurths silver wheel paint and clearcoat spray, had the wheels
sandblasted, and now it's time to paint.  I put a coat of etching primer on
first, and then started applying silver paint in light coats ever 30 minutes
or so.  Well, this paint works great.....very even spray pattern and finnish
is coming out very professional looking.

Only problem is I held up one of the center caps (left it original) to it
and they are not the same shade of silver.  Not even close.  The color Audi
originally used was a real silver silver, the Wurths is a greyish silver.
Now, I haven't added the clearcoat yet, so not sure if that is gonna help,
but I figure the color it is now is the color it's gonna be.  And, I'm
probably stuck with it.  Not a big deal, as I'll just repaint the center
caps a bit, but I wish it was the original color.  Any idea what color Audi
used?  Would I have to go to the dealer and plunk down $$$$ for Audi factory
wheel paint???  And, I have about 3 good coats on the wheels now.  Is it too
late to switch colors?  I really don't want to buy new paint, but I wanted
it a lighter silver than this.  But, either way, it would be nice to know
for next time.  Any info appreciated.