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URQ Bypass valve

Hi all

My friend over in Germany needs some help on this question, he has a prob
with his mail right now and can't get subscribed, he can receive normal
however, please would you all be kind enough to reply to him @



i just working on my 84 urq engine and i want to install the bypass valve
for the turbo. This should give higher power in low rpms as the turbo spin
is not so much reduced while the throttle is closed.
My question now is, if this valve is open and gives pressure back from the
pressure side to the vaccum side is it possible that the air flow sensor
plate can be bended due to that?
Imagine if that plastic valve break and the full pressure is given back to
the air flow sensor plate.
This is worst case, but its possible, isnīt it?
Thanks for any advise
Ralf Wiesner, Germany

Photos are available under