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Re: jack slipped (Canada)

    You guys were in the low-rider Ford Explorer with the windows tinted and
Quebec plates?  Too bad the Explorer was so damn slow they couldn't catch me
after the u-turn.  They turned and started to gun it, but I was long gone,
although my friend wanted to get out and "beat them up."  I was thinking no.
When I was using the jack by the side of the road in a Canadian field
somewheres I figured the Explorer would have found us again.  They didn't,
but I almost finished myself off by not checking the pressure in the donut
ever.  10psi in the donut and driving on it equals nasty sidewall damage.
To finish the story off I got back home in VT at 7AM, watched the sunrise
come up as we drove, and I got a ticket for out of date emissions at the

Regards and watch out for those Quebecers,

Alexander van Gerbig -- '88 Audi 80

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Katonah, NY 10536