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Fuel Pump Change BTDT

> Well, I think I should change my Noisy fuel pump before spending 24 hours
> on road over christmas.  I only now decided to, of course after I just
> filled up the tank.  A couple of questions and BTDTs that I probably ought
> to ask in ADVNACE of doing it, since I don't have much time:

Noise per se isn't an issue.  A wavering or unsteady noise _IS_.

> 1.)  It looks like the pump is in the bottom of the tank.  Do I need to
> COMPLETELY drain it?  I don't know where to put all that fuel...

No - the fuel stays in the tank.

> 2.)  Am I going to need that tool they show in bentley to get the sending
> unit cap off? or can I just tap it with a screw driver and hammer to twist?..

Screwdriver and hammer works for me.  I also use a humungous pair of
channel lock pliers.

> 3.)  Does the thing just pull out of those sockets in the tank?  Anything I
> should know before just pulling on it to get it out?

Yeah.  Bit of wriggling and swearing.  Watch the float for the fuel level
sender - it's part of the assembly.  Make sure the pipe don't foul it
when you put it back.

> 4.)  When I buy the pump, is it just the cylinder shaped part in the
> diagram? or does it come with the whole assembly. check valve etc?  If not,
> should I replace the check valve, and what about gaskets/o-rings?

You should get the pump and check valve as an assembly.  Always replace

> 5.)  Should I really bother?  It's been noisy for about 2 months.  Does it
> just fade away? or will it die a sudden death?  I don't want to get stuck
> in the middle of Arkansas with no fuel pump... they don't even sell any
> foreign car parts there, not to mention 1988 Audi parts, so if it goes,
> I'll be stuck.  On the other hand, what are the chances of it dying...
> Maybe I'll just buy it and bring it with me.  But, what if I need to change
> it on the road, and my tank is full and I need that tool?????  BTDT please!!!

Like I said - listen for changes in the note.

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