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Re: Dumb ?

Shaun Folkerts writes:
> That said, Ti, I have a question for you: Is it possible to use the V8 body/trim
> parts you mentioned on a 5000/100/200? If so, are they bolt-on or reserved for
> the expert body/frame shop? I'll assume the headlights still take a 9004 (so
> same wiring) and the fenders (front) and perhaps the bumpers have the same
> mounts in both the 5 and 8 cylinder models, no?

I am not so sure there is much more interchangeability between the V8
and 200 on body parts beyond the taillights.  Audi lengthened the
front-end on the V8 to fit the radiator in front of the engine, everything
up front is different.  The fenders *may* physically bolt-on, but the
headlights, hood and grille most assuredly won't and the V8 fenders won't
match the 5000/100/200 lights.  The rear fenders are also different on the
V8 and yes, you can probably get a good body shop to graft the V8 rear
fender onto a 5000/100/200 but that's going to be costly, not to mention
also requiring the V8's rear doors too (there is a different curvature
at the rearward edge to match the flare).

Of course, anything is possible if you don't mind spending lots of $$.
I think the cost to do such a conversion may approach the cost to
actually buy a V8.

P.S. a good swap is the C pillar trim cover; the V8's is smooth rather
than the 5000/100/200's grooved design.

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