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Re: Dumb ?

That said, Ti, I have a question for you: Is it possible to use the V8 body/trim
parts you mentioned on a 5000/100/200? If so, are they bolt-on or reserved for
the expert body/frame shop? I'll assume the headlights still take a 9004 (so
same wiring) and the fenders (front) and perhaps the bumpers have the same
mounts in both the 5 and 8 cylinder models, no? I already know the taillights
are interchangable. Not that I can afford V8 parts or anything, but if I ever
find one sitting in a wrecking yard owned by a generous (perhaps "reasonable" is
a better word) individual, I want to be able to sieze the opportunity. Probably
would entail changing the front fenders, bumper, grille, headlights, and
headlight surround trim at a minimum. BTW, the hood is also different, is it

Shaun Folkerts
'89 200QW

> The 1990-94 Audi V8 is based on the type 44 chassis which is also used
> for the 100/200/5000 models from model year 1984 to 1991.  Note that
> "V8" *is* the model name.  It's not a "200 V8" or somesuch.  The V8's
> engine is obviously unique to that model, but the chassis has also been
> strengthened over the standard type 44, and received a number of styling
> changes compared to the other type 44 cars too (different grille,
> headlight, bumpers, taillights, fenders, trims, etc).
> -Ti
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