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Re: Great Experience with Tirerack

I recently bought some H&R sport springs for my Saturn from 
them.  I could not believe the price of $109 for the set.  They 
delivered promptly, and really had their stuff together.

I was impressed with the service, and astounded by the price.


"Alexander van Gerbig" <Audi_80@email.msn.com> wrote:
>     I ordered tires from The Tirerack last week, 185/70 14" Bridgestone
> Blizaak's.  A day later I got a friendly message from Doug asking me to call
> him at the tirerack.  I gave him a call the next day and he told me the
> tires I ordered were not the stock size.  I knew that and said I use
> 185/70's instead of the 175/70's for winter.  He made sure everything was
> good to go and sent the tires overnight because of the 2 day delay while
> chasing each other on the phone, no extra charge!  Got the tires a day later
> at 10AM and took them over to shop for mounting and balancing.  Really good
> experience, good prices, and excellent customer service.
> Just thought is worth a mention for others looking for snows,
> Alexander van Gerbig -- '88 Audi 80
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> http://surf.to/the80pages.com
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