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Re: NF engine cut-out

Mark Hahn wrote:

>   All of the sudden lately my '87 5000KSQ NF engine has started to
> occaisonally cut-out at low RPM's and not particualar whether it is warm or
> cold.  I say cut-out instead of miss because it is like all fuel or spark
> stops not just one cyclinder.  Since it seems like a low rpm thing I'm
> inclined to believe it is a fuel problem.  The engine has new plugs,
> cap&rotor and wires a month ago and a new fuel and air filters about a week
> ago.  I may just have to wait until it gets a little worse so I can tell for
> sure it is fuel delivery and from where.  Any ideas?  Thanks, MGH

Try the 02 sensor. A new one changed my V8 from a bucking snorting pig into a
silky smooth luxo machine.
Also, DO NOT buy an Audi replacement. An O2 sensor is an O2 sensor. The only
difference is the connector.
I have been using a Ford 4 wire with no problems. I would however suggest using
a 3 wire because it is easier. You should be able to find a brand spanking new
one for less than $100. The Audi part is over $200. Ouch.