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More S2 Stuff (inc. questions)

First of all... Thanks to all for their answers it
goes some way to helping me work out how to get the
best performance out of this car...

After reading everyones replies about
oversteer/understeer it appears that the person's
driving style has quite a large influence on the car's
behaviour - especially on ice and snow.  And everyone
who has told me to take it easy because the roads are
treacherous... fear not I'm taking it _VERY_ easy!!
:-)  Just trying a few things out in car parks to try
and understand the car better.

Have another question too... The car has Alarm
stickers on the side windows and I just assumed it was
a visual deterrent as there is no flashing indicators
and definitely no alarm keyfob to turn it on and off. 

Do these Audi's come standard with some Audi alarm?? 
Every time I turn the engine off and go to get out I
get these funny beep-beep beep-beep-da-beep etc
noises... only for about 2 seconds and quite obvious
but not painful to the ears...   Or is this the engine
management interfering with the CD (in dash) player -
I do get engine whine through the stereo a bit...
whats the solution to that one again too... rip it out
and put my kenwood deck back in!? :-)  

Thanks to all again 
'91 Audi S2
'97 GSXR600

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