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Re: Air Flow Potentiometer repositioned to fix idle problem

At 10:36 PM -0500 12/20/99, Walt Dwarnick wrote:
>When I removed the potentiometer, I gently sanded the resistance tracks
>with 2000 grit sand paper.  When I put it back on I repositioned the

You'll probably have to re-do this in a little while; sanding it down 
isn't a good solution.

Something like CaiLube is, however, a good solution.  It is 
specifically designed for moving resistive contacts/switches/etc and 
lubes/protects them.

www.caig.com I believe...Radio Shack now distributes them(prolly 
special order.)

I've bought a can of DeOxit and a can of ProGold; both were worth 
every penny at $15/bottle each.  DeOxit is for any kind of connector, 
and does heavy-duty deoxidizing.  ProGold is a good follow-up for 
plated connections(non plated connectors don't need ProGold.)  Just 
try a little DeOxit on a A/C power plug, you'll be amazed at the crap 
that comes off and how much easier the plug goes into the socket.


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