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Re: TV-Audi Spotting

MCTXR4@aol.com writes:
> But as I was surfing the channels late last night I came 
> across a foreign language news broadcast showing a military parade in Beijing 
> being led by a a brand spanking new, shiny black Audi A6. Obviously it was 
> being treated as a high potentate's limo, with the flags attached to the 
> front corners etc.
> After the Audi came various troop carriers, missile launchers, tanks and an 
> open top Mitsubishi Montero with some guy witha lot of brass on his chest 
> waving to the assembled troops.
> Nice to know even the communists recognize a class ride when they see one.

Audi has a large factory in China, and they manufacture the type 44 Audi
100 as well as the A6 there.

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