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o-rings / seal - A/C Cpmressor Housing - Please Help

Thanks for all the replies on my quest of o-rings.  I have obtained all
needed except one.  I would not really call this an o-ring, but it is made
of the same material and serves the same purpose.  It is very hard to
describe so I put a picture diagram here =>

If anyone has any pointers, please let me know.  I have spent about 4 days
and 20 hours on the phone trying to describe the part, and I don't want to
spend the $550 for the manifold housing just to get the o-ring.


Rich Burke
Hi List.  I purchased an A/C Compressor and Clutch from Blau (who I love),
but when my mech was installing it, there are three o-rings that are bad.
(2 round ones and 1 "L" shaped) He said they seal the compressor to the
housing.  Blau says they can't get the o-rings, and the mech called Audi,
and they said they only come with the housing and it cost $700!!??  I am
going to call around today, but I thought that if anyone has been here
before, I could use the help.  The part number is 034298013C aka Block /
Manifold / Housing ??  I also spoke w/ Linda at Carlson, who confirmed its a
kit, although her price is $550.

Many thanks,

Rich Burke