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Re: 87 5ktq Radio Questions

Here's what can be done... I was lucky - the previous owner had a pro install done
who used connectors that plugged into the factory harness. Crutchfield makes them
too. You can get a high level-low level converter from them and use the standard
output. I used the low level output for the back instead, and high level output for
the front. This can mess up your fader though - it did on mine (Sony install). If
you go my route, you have to take the left and right rear ground off the RCA, tie
them together and go with three wires to the harness.
As far as switched power goes, the factory radio did the switching for the rear amp
- there isn't a switched wire to the harness. If your Kenwood doesn't provide one
(the one Kenwood I sold with my old 87 didn't) you'll have to find a switched line
in there.  If you wire the amp direct it'll take about 3 days to drop your battery
to a crawl. If you decide the heck with it and run sep wiring back to the speakers
and disconnect the factory stuff, you still need to power that amp as it provides
power to the antenna amp. Failure to do so will give you a new definition concerning
lack of reception. As you might imagine, I BTDT in all modes on an 87 tq...

WRT the lines going to yer seat, that should be seat heaters...

Iain Mannix wrote:

> OK - this is beginning to make sense.  I did'nt know what all the stuff
> under the rear seat was all about - side note, what are the three
> colored connections that have wires that run *into* the rear seat
> cushion?
> Anyway, back to the original - could I figure out which wire provided
> the switched power to the rear amp from the original harness, wire it
> to the switched 12v in my Kenwood, have it go from there?
> Another - I can hook up the rear spkrs to the rca jack output; this
> leads me to believe that there are rca jacks running to the rear amp
> already there?


> Yet one more: getting the stock deck out - there are 4 holes in the
> deck, I imagine some VAG tool #something is needed?  Does it depress
> little tabs to release the deck?  A bicycle spoke?

take two 8" sections of stiff coat hanger wire, bend them into Us. Insert into the
holes, flex them outward, grip the deck via the casstte and pull...

> Thanks a LOT for the help!

de nada...

> Iain Mannix(even the stereo is funny in this thing;)
> On Wed, 22 Dec 1999, David Head wrote:
> > True... You can hook up the rear spkrs to the RCA jack output though, and that
> > works... You have to provide switched power to the rear amp/ant amp also.
> >
> > Iain Mannix wrote:
> >
> > >   All this talk of crossovers and whatnot
> > > is making me think it might not be that simple - true?
> >