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RE: Winter driving tip #1

While this is good advice, it is not always correct.  Remember that you have
no control of the car when the ABS is off.  I did some tests last winter,
when it actually snowed in Tahoe, on how well the car stopped with and
without ABS.  My results indicated that the deeper, the snow, the quicker
you stop without ABS, thats a given from the snowplow theory.  When there is
just a freshlayer of snow ontop of asphalt, i stopped much quicker with the
ABS on.  Also for fun i did test on turns.  I almost put my car into a
snowbank (again) when i hit the brakes with the ABS off.  You have to get
back on the gass pretty quick if it starts to slide.  I am not on expert on
this, but I would recommend ABS off only when there is a significant amount
of snow between your tires and the pavement.  Otherwise leave it on.  Just
my two cents.

Mike Robinson
1898 Audi 90 Quatro Sleigh "Santa Edition"
Powered By 8 AWD Reighndeer
Merry Xmas

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> This my be common knowledge but for the sake of any lister that may not 
> know:
> Turn OFF your ABS in the snow.  This allows the snow to pile up in front
> of 
> the wheels to stop you.  w/ ABS on it takes about 1.5X longer to come to a
> stop.
> to build on Hew's formula: 0 x 4 = 0 x 2
> 0 x 4/ABS = -1.5
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