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Replacing 4kq springs and struts. Questions

The time has come to replace the 4kq springs and struts. I'm about to
go for H&R's and Boge TG, but would like to get some feed back from some
of you that have either tried this combination, or have had a chance to
compare said combination, with other similar set ups. I think someone
said the Eibach's are a bit softer. Is that true?
	I live in N.H. so I don't want to lower the car any more than 1", nor
do I want a super stiff punishing ride. 
	I'm sure I should replace some of the other bits that go along with the
struts, like, of course, the strut bearings. What bearing is best for
front and rear struts? I think some of the boots are in rough shape so
they should be replaced also. Anything else I should concider?

								Jim McElroy
1987 4000csq
1993 90s