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Re: Replacing 4kq springs and struts. Questions

In a message dated 99-12-23 15:46:26 EST, you write:

<< I think someone
 said the Eibach's are a bit softer. Is that true?
    I live in N.H. so I don't want to lower the car any more than 1", nor
 do I want a super stiff punishing ride.  >>

I did - and yes, it is.  The H&R's are also lower, but the Eibach's aren't 
available anymore (I have the only set I know of..., which should be for sale 
this summer)  The H&R's will lower the car the best part of 2 inches.  The 
Boge shocks are good replacement shocks - stiff, but not punishing.  I think 
that Jamex makes several different height springs for the quattros - 60mm 
drop (2.5 inches, requires Jamex shocks.), 45mm drop (does not) and I think 
that they also had a 20mm drop kit - although I could be wrong.  Jamex 
springs are bouncy, not as good as the H&R's or Eibachs, but they have a 
distinct advantage - they are much cheaper.  You can get a sportline Jamex 
kit (springs and shocks) for a little more than the price of the H&R's, 
although you have to have a good source, too.

Carter J
1986 4000CS Quattro
1986 Coupe GT