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Re: Save me (from surabuS; long).

Greetings, Chris, List. Happy Holidays.

I guess I can answer this, as I've owned 2 Subarus (83 BRAT, 84 GL) and 2 Audis
(84 5KS, 89 200QW). The following diatribe is from my own experiences, and of
course, YMMV.

I've got to admit right off, the Subarus were much more reliable, concerning
day-to-day problems, than my Audis have been. The Audis have had many more
problems that would fall in the "minor" category: relays, switches, sensors,
lines, lights, etc., and there is definitely a constant flow of them. The Subes
had far fewer of these problems - _none_ in both of my examples, but when
somthing went bad on them, it was something major. I replaced 2 trannys (both
auto., both replaced with used ones from a boneyard), and seemed to replace an
axleshaft every 6 months. That got a little tiresome. There are several tons of
Subaru in any junkyard, so most parts were so cheap they were near free.
New/rebuilt axleshafts were just over $100.

But you are right about the positive aspects: my BRAT had the turbo, t-tops,
alloys, tube-bumper/hitch, even a camper top! It got great MPG, went offroad
REALLY well, was a kick to drive, and got lots of attention. Even used it as a
delivery-vehicle while in college - in Buffalo. Eventually my brother wrecked
_both_ Subarus on me.

So why do I drive an Audi now? I'm not a big fan of Japanese cars - no offense
intended to those who are - and I've owned and tried many trying to convince
myself otherwise, to no avail. Most of my family drive Toyotas, Nissans, and
Hondas, and I reaffirm my opinion of them each time I drive one. The Audi has a
much more solid, substantial feel to it, is better designed and constructed, and
has more luxury and technology. I'm proud to pull up someplace in it, rather than
be one of the masses that drive a Japanese "appliance". Same reasons I drive
Italian sports cars instead of a Miata/MR2/RX7/DelSol. Cars of car-lovers need a
soul, a personality, an identity. The Audi (and my Fiats, Lancias, and
Pininfarinas for that matter) has one, and I greatly appreciate this inexplicable
quality each time I drive it. The Subaru may be a good, inexpensive, reliable
mode of simple transport if your ultimate destination is biking/kayaking/etc. -
but I enjoy the journey too much to just focus on the destination.

Feel free to email if there is are additional insights/answers I can provide.

Shaun Folkerts
...wishing I were dashing through the snow in a 162-horse closed sleigh...

THEEARTHGUY@cs.com wrote:

> With all the problems associated with keeping my Audi alive, the love affair
> has worn off, folks.  I recently drove an older Subaru 4wd wagon and was
> highly impressed, to be frank.  Turbo, adjustable height, 4wd, LOTS of space,
> reliable as a beetle...can anyone tell me reasons to keep with Audi's?  I
> bike/kayak/move a lot and this seems to be the ideal car...
> Chris