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Re: Save me (from surabuS; long).

I agree with you in spades vis--vis Audi vs Subaru, but I hold Subarus in somewhat lower esteem than you do. I've owned two, one I bought used and another I bought new. Just try to get more than 100,000 miles out of one. By that sort of mileage, every darn bearing is worn out and the thing has dissolved into a pile of rust (and both cars spent their entire lives in Southern California). Those cars taught me very quickly to use a torque wrench on *every* bolt. Tighten one up so it _feels_ right and it's off with its head! (apologies to Lewis Carroll, as if he cared). Subaru makes a wonderfully reliable and fault-free car, but it simply doesn't have the long-term durability of an Audi. Besides, it has no soul.

Perhaps Subes are better these days, but once burned, twice shy. OTOH, my experience would have been much better if I were the sort of guy who trades in a car every couple of years.

Larry Mittell

At 08:30 AM 12/25/1999 , Shaun Folkerts wrote:

I've got to admit right off, the Subarus were much more reliable, concerning
day-to-day problems, than my Audis have been. 
The Subaru may be a good, inexpensive, reliable
mode of simple transport if your ultimate destination is biking/kayaking/etc. -
but I enjoy the journey too much to just focus on the destination.