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Re: Save me (from surabuS; long).

I actually don't hold Subarus in high esteem. I'd never buy another myself, and have "consulted" firends/family who were considering them. The BRAT was interesting and entertaining, and both cars served me fairly, but I really don't like them much.

Not to contradict my above sentiment, but the BRAT went 140,000+ miles, and the sedan over 120k. And both were wrecked, they didn't "die" - they were killed. Another curiosity is the rust issue. Mine were used in Buffalo and Long Island and did not have a hint of rust despite heavy road salting in the former and a persistent salt sea air in the latter. My former Toyotas (Landcruiser, Van) were my representative Japanese rustbuckets. Oh, that rust!!!

Hate to "defend" the Subes, but that _was_ my experience with them, to be taken FWIW by our potential Subaru-buying lister. Many differing points of input are the most helpful, especially to hear that a SoCal Subaru can rust like that. Sounds like you're as glad to be rid of them as I am!

Shaun Folkerts
Not a Subaru nor rusty car in the fleet (and only 1 has less than 100k mi)

Larry Mittell wrote:

> I agree with you in spades vis--vis Audi vs Subaru, but I hold Subarus in somewhat lower esteem than you do. I've owned two, one I bought used and another I bought new. Just try to get more than 100,000 miles out of one. By that sort of mileage, every darn bearing is worn out and the thing has dissolved into a pile of rust (and both cars spent their entire lives in Southern California).