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Re: Save me (from surabuS; short).

Brett Dikeman wrote:

> Anyone else noticed that Subaru really tries for an Australian image?
> They have absolutely nothing to do with Australia, yet all the
> commercials are shot to look like they were done in Au, all of the
> actors have Au accents, and now the model names are
> au-related("Outback")
> Wouldn't surprise me if half the US now thinks Subaru is an
> Australian product...and wouldn't surprise me if half of Australia is
> mildly irritated about it :-)
> I guess a bunch of Subaru exec's visited Australia(I hear they're the
> #1 tourist group there?) and loved it...
> Brett
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I couldn't agree more.
Beside trying to claim being the rough and tumble rig of choice in AU,
scuberdoo also tries to claim safety by comparing with Volvo. Remember
the TV ad a while back with the stuffy Volvo salesman and the scuberdoo
geek counting bolts under the Volvo? and the ridicules comment about cup
holders? That one pissed me off so much I wrote an email to Alan
Vonderharr (sp?) at the Cincinnati Enquirer. ( Which he published - he
has a national auto column)
I went to the Volvo site and saw pages and pages of info on how Volvo
shaped and advanced auto saftey over the last 60 years and very little
sales fluff. I went to the scuberdoo site and - no s*&t - they had cup
holder specs for every model and not one word about the dismal saftey
record of their crummy product. I used to install car stereos in my first
jobs and I swore then I would never own a scuberdoo. If saftey has
improved %1000 since then they are still 20 years behind the europeans
(and 10 behind the US)
Volvo never responded to that ad - and probably rightly so, but I wish
they would have filmed a head on between a scuber and a Cross Country
wagon. That should have sold a few Volvos!