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RE: Leaking heater core

Tom Nas said;

> Q-compadres,
> How are your collective views on using coolant system sealers 
> (e.g. Bars
> Leaks) to fix a 'sweating' heater core? Car in question is an '87 90q
> (first of the type 89/B3) and I don't fancy doing the fabled 8-hour
> dash-out operation... no A/C in this car, BTW. If no-one replies, I'll
> repost in Jan...
> TIA,
> Tom

I did this on my 83 coupe, for the same reason you are asking about it.  A
full day job, in the middle of winter, without a garage, didn't sound like
too much fun to me.  When I tried it, the sealant worked fine (sorry, I
can't remember what brand I used).  
One thing to keep in mind though... you may succeed in plugging the hole in
your heater core with the gunk you put in, but the rest of the gunk that
doesn't help seal the hole goes somewhere else in your cooling system,
possibly reducing coolant flow.  (read as: This procedure may screw up your
rad and cause overheating in the summer)
Just be aware of the risk (and decide if it's worth it) before putting glue
in your coolant system.