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Re: CATZ MSX Fog Lights


Has anyone ever tried these lights? How do they compare to other (good)
fogs in the fog or bad weather function, i.e. in driving snow, fog or
rain. Looking for low glare wide, even beam. Best comparison I have is to
Hella 181 Fogs, which got me from Albany to Boston in driving snow with
excellent vision. The only indication I had (when I switched off the
glaring low beams and just drove on p-lights and fogs, the proper way to
rig them) that it was snowing was far off to the sides of the beams, the
white on the road, and the slip of the car when I did braking traction
tests at tollbooths. The only people that could see was myself and
truckers with good fogs. They NEVER caused glare to other drivers. Now
those were good fogs, unfortunately they would have been difficult to
mount (mandatory Audi content) on my type 44, so they went with my old
beloved 4KSQ. So, I'm looking for a replacement (other suggestions
welcome) that will cleanly fit in the lower grille of a type 44, which
the CATZ appear to be able to do. Sorry for the long winded post, but a
recent experience in a snowstorm (blinded by the light, so to speak. Did
the 9007 conversion hoping for improvement in that area...NOT) has me
looking back into fogs. BTW, the H4's on low on my GTi are MUCH better in
bad weather, so the Euro's got it right!

Larry - '89 2CTQ (Snowblind), '85 GTi (Solo2-never seen snow)