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Re: Unknown Decal Order?

No stamp?  What can I say?  dOOOOh?  I'm glad it got there, Geo.

If anyone else has problems and doesn't get the decal(s) ordered, please
lemme know.  I don't wanna short anyone.

For those who haven't heard, q-list decals are still available.  Drop me a
line for info.

BTW, the unknown envelope has been identified (I think).

At 02:44 PM 12/28/1999 -0400, Geo wrote:
>Sir Myers wrote:
>>That's not good for
>>my reputation.
>You have one?  Fancy that!  To add to your repute, you sent me a
>sticker in an envelope I supplied with no stamp.  Got here anyway.  I
>think it came via the North Pole.  Chris K sent it on.  Asked me to
>say 'hello.'  Make sure you stick a stamp on the return envie 'cause
>Sir M don't have the time to check this twice.
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