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Re: 2Bennett Ricirc setup...

Bernard Littau wrote:

> A blow off valve beyond the turbo can vent this extra pressure, preventing
> the pressure spike and turbo slowdown.  A blow off valve vents to the
> atmosphere, so the air is lost.  A recirculation setup ducts the air from
> beyond the turbo to before the turbo.  This prevents the pressure spike, and
> also keeps one from loosing measured air from the system.  I suspect it is
> also more efficient to recirculate the air in terms of keeping the turbo
> spinning -- you are in a sense using air that is already in motion rather
> than accelerating new air.

A question; in a recirc setup, when you take the foot of the gas pedal,  there
is less air drawn through the Fuel Injection air flow meter so the injection
will feed less fuel to the engine.  Would you concider that good, bad or dosn't
matter ?