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Re: thump thump thump 44

If the frequency of the thump noise is directly related to how fast 
you're going, and gets louder or softer depending upon which way you 
corner, left or right(shifting weight off one wheel and onto 
another), then it is almost certainly a bearing, probably a rear 
one(if it gets worse when the car is loaded.)  Which turn causes it 
to get louder will show which bearing it is.


At 7:48 AM -0600 12/29/99, Matthew Caprio wrote:
>Regarding my 88 5000sq:
>*couple weeks ago I had a reliable shop change a front wheel bearing and
>tie rod end (different sides)
>*last week I changed the noisy fuel pump
>*after loading the car up (approx 350lbs of stuff) and starting off for a
>1000 mile Christmas trip last week, I noticed a new sound-- a fast
>"thump-thump-thump" that is very faint, but noticable above 50mph while
>steering slightly to the right (sounds like running over small pavement
>seams rapidly).  First time driving the car in cold weather (it was approx
>32 at 4am).  So, I drove around town, wasting trip travel time, just
>trying to see if the sound would go away as things warmed up, before making
>the 1000 mile trip.  It didn't, so I took the car home, and swapped
>everything into my wife's Accord.
>*now that I returned, the sound seems to be less noticable (but it's was
>dead quiet out at 4 am last time, and it was colder, and there was more
>My question is, where is this sound coming from?  Could it be related to
>that changed bearing? or the changed tie rod end? or is it just because I
>changed that damn noisy fuel pump that I can now hear a sound that has been
>there?!!  I really don't like that thumping sound-- I'm hoping it will get
>louder so I can find it..
>Austin, TX

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