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Re: Another copy-cat!?! Prodigy(Ford...or Audi?)

Chris Dyer wrote:
>I, too, did a double take on the Ford Prodigy (and the Taurus in '85).
>This is easily explainable if what I think I read somewhere is true (I
>be way off): that the designer of the New Beetle, Boxster, and current
>generation of VW/Audis left about 1.5 years ago and is now the head
>for Ford.
>I'm not positive, my altered synapses also think he went to

That's it!!  You are correct and the Prodigy is in fact being built in
conjunction with Damlier-Chrysler...so that explains everything, except for
the sheer boldness of the designer.

Thanks! ...still upset tho - Ford doesn't deserve to look so good.