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Re: 88 5KCSTQ Electrical Mystery!

Sounds like the classic dead battery.  You mentioned your battery is fully 
charged, however, hmmm...

I have the same car, had the same symptoms 2 mos. ago, had the battery 
"recharged" to full using my battery charger, but it would still not start 
if left for more than a few hours or started too often.  So, even though the 
meter on the charger says "full charge", it really isn't because once a 
battery has gone dead, it will never fully charge.

Bought a new $50 battery, problem solved.

You may also want to check you alternator/elec system to see if they're the 
culprit(s) for your dead battery. (mine was too much stereo cranking!)
>I have been having starting problems.
>88 5kCSTQ 155kmiles  Warm/dry weather
>Battery is fully charged from AC charger. When key is turned noise is heard
>footwell area and starter (It think) The car does not turn over. The
>mystery is when
>I put my jumper pack (portable 12v jump starter) connected to the postive
>jumper term in front and connect neg to ground and turn
>the key the car starts and runs fine.
>The moment the ignition is turned off the car will not restart (with jumper
>pack help) and will just click.
>Any help would be great as I am so very tired of jumping the damn thing.

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