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Just bought a 85 4kq

Well, I did it.  Bought a 85 4kq yesterday.  Seems to be in pretty good
shape for a car with 165k, everything works except for the sunroof, it
pops up, but it will not slide into the roof without assistance,
probably needs some lube or something.  I will probably have to replace
at least one of the front brake rotors, it is deeply grooved.

The only thing I am worried about is this loud rattle (sounds kind of
like something hitting a piece of sheet metal - clank clank clank - 
that gets faster as I accelerate) that is coming from the right front
wheel area when I accelerate hard from a stop.  It doesn't do it

I will be ordering up a Bently shortly.  The car has no owners manual so
I have some quick questions...

Is it ok to activate the diff locks when the car is in motion?  Or
should it be stopped?

The coolant is green, should I be using some other kind that I remember
reading about on the list but can't call to mind right now?  Or is that
for newer audis?

I think the oil level is high, I bought it off a lot, and the oil goes
up past the hatching on the dipstick about a cm.  Should I worry?  What
is the recommended oil/weight?  I live in Northern California, probably
gets into the low 20s at night but I imagine I will be driving up to
Tahoe weekends.

The oil temp stays right at the bottom of the scale all the time, at
least during the 1-1/2 hour drive from Roseville to Chico, is this

I am sure I will have more questions but for now that's it.  Thanks in
advance, having a resource like this list helped me decide to buy the
car I did.

Thor Heglund
85 4kq