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RE: G60 brakes on an 85 4000q [was: 88 90q]

You're pretty close here. It was the later struts ('90 + I think) that used
the two piece housing. Any '88 and '89 will work (stay away from early, '88
4cyl. cars they are the same as the 4kq)

Ken's problems are because of the larger WB size (75mm OD) and there is not,
to my knowledge, a 4X108 hub that fits both 75mm bearings and the front 4kq

He could use the rear axles and hubs from a 4kq, though it is almost certain
he'll have to shorten them slightly. After going through all this trouble he
might as well complete the conversion and use the 5X112 hubs from a 5ktq.


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>      I am familiar with Ben Howell's post too, and have
> serious doubts about its feasibility, or even if he ever
> really tried it.  Firts of all, the 80 has two piece strut
> housings and different front bearings and CV joints, so you
> would need the axles too if you were going to do it (which is
> not mentioned in Ben's post).  I am not even sure if the
> 80/90 CV will go into the 4kq tranny since they are totally
> different.
>      I think the best and easiest way to do g60's on a 4kq is
> to cut off the stock caliper mounting bracket and weld in a
> custom, relocated bracket for the g60...
> Happy New Years everybody!
> Javad