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"Rockin" quattros get police attention

This is my first posting, so if I make any grievous errors of
etiquette/protocol, please no flames (this time anyway - :-) )

Those of you with Couple Quattro's:

Have you noticed "undue" attention from Police?  In spite of the fact mine is
Lago Blue (theoretically pacifying to those of the law enforcement
persuasion) I managed to get a "speeding" ticket for an estimated 35 in a 30
zone on the basis of the fact that "you were really rockin'".  I tried to
explain that all all-wheel drive vehicles understeer, and therefore lean
disproportionately when at high revs in corners (this was a merge), but he
didn't buy it.  No doubt I'll win in court since it was only estimated,

Anyone else been accused of "really rockin'"???  Experiences welcome.
(especially successful defenses)

(David_Wagner@vos.stratus.com, David_Wagner@m80.sw.stratus.com)