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RE: Service & other questions

From: Tom Huschilt (tom2@mims-iris.waterloo.edu)
>Subject: Service & other questions

>I recently purchased an '83 Quattro Turbo with 50,000 miles on it, and I
>have a few questions that maybe someone can answer.  I have read that it 
>is recommended to use synthetic oil and to change it every 3000 mi.  Is 
>this true, and if so, what weight?  

I use Synthoil 100 (15W/50) in my Audi 4000.  I have had Synthoil in
the car since about 75K miles, and the car now has about 153K miles.
I change the oil every 10K miles, and the oil filter every 5K miles.
How does it work?  In a word, Great!  With this much mileage on the
car, a recent compression test result of around 150psi each cylinder
shows that the engine is in excellent condition (the new spec on this
engine is 184 psi, the wear limit is 102 psi).  At the rate I'm going,
the engine can probably run strong for another 150K miles!

Synthoil is very expensive ($10/quart), so it would be unreasonable
to change it every 3K miles.  Besides, Synthoil claims that the oil
can last 50K miles between changes, so I am being ultra-conservative
already!  There are other less expensive synthetics, and they probably
work fine, too.  I have heard many good things about Synthoil before,
and have had good luck with it personally, so I am sticking with it.

Synthoil can only be ordered directly, and is not sold in stores.
You can find an ad for Synthoil in the latest _European_Car_ magazone
(formerly VW & Porsche).  They also make an excellent gear oil (for
the manual transmission) and wheel bearing grease.

>Also, the European versions of the same car have 200 hp and the US version
>has only 160 hp.  Why the difference and where?  And finally, does anyone 
>know the address of ABT?  They seem to have disappeared off the face of the

Someone once told me that the U.S. version of the quattro turbo engine
has a less aggressive camshaft profile, meant to cope with the inferior
gasoline here.  Also, the catalytic convertor restricts the exhaust
flow, reducing horsepower.  I wouldn't be suprised if the maximum turbo
boost pressure is lower in the U.S. version.  Moreover, the fuel injection
and electronic ignition are likely to be calibrated differently than
that of the European version.

ABT Motorsport is alive and well in Germany, but its outlet in
southern California had closed its doors.  If you write ABT Germany
directly, you can request a beautifully printed catalog of its
current products, which include a full line of Audi/VW performance
parts and accessories for the engine, suspension, wheels, aerodynamics,
and interior appointment.  ABT has some very high quality pieces,
but they are usually very expensive.

The address:

Auto Abt
Oberwanger Strasse 16, 8960 Kempten, Germany

Hope this helps.  Enjoy your quattro...