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Re: Audi Coupe S2 - When in the US ?

> There is more than just image-enhancemnet to be considered for Audi to
> import the car.  Even if only a few is to be sold, Audi of America will
> have to fully support the model like it does the other models.  That
> means marketing expsnses, training all its dealers to sell it, 


> service it, 

ah, but the 200 quattro 20V has already paved the way.. the rest of
the car is pretty much standard coupe, isn't it?

> parts inventory, emissions, crash tests and other certification and

do they have to crash the S2?  can it be considered similar enough
to the coupe that the crash test is not necessary?  how about
the 100/200 series?

> The expenses
> incurred and its projected sales would likely make it unfeasible for
> Audi to import the car.  

the sales manager at my dealership was telling me that audi (&vw)
are just doing everything they can to stay in the market.  the
parent company in germany is financing this.  which is why the
200 quattro 20V was imported.  (sooooooo rare) which is the
basis for my optimism.

>The original quattro Turbo coupe was imported
> to the U.S. from 1982 up, but Audi decided to end it in 1985, despite
> its continued production in Europe.  The reason was probably exactly
> this.

well, every single one of the original quattros are hand made.. the S2
is machine made and actually costs a lot less to make, so audi can
sell it for a more competitive price than the original.

(the v8 is hand made too, and look at how little they were selling it
for!  one up over lexus!)