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Re: Audi Coupe S2 - When in the US ?

>From: eliot@lanmola.engr.washington.edu
>the dealer here thinks it will be imported, but is not 100% sure.  it
>will cost in the $30K+ range.

I think if the Coupe S2 does come to the U.S., the price will be around
$40K+.  The current (non turbo) Coupe quattro is priced at $33K, for
comparison sake.  At that price, the S2 will be in the company of
some pretty big-time competitors.

There is more than just image-enhancemnet to be considered for Audi to
import the car.  Even if only a few is to be sold, Audi of America will
have to fully support the model like it does the other models.  That
means marketing expsnses, training all its dealers to sell it, service
it, parts inventory, emissions, crash tests and other certification and
associated agency costs, etc., just to name a few items.  The expenses
incurred and its projected sales would likely make it unfeasible for
Audi to import the car.  The original quattro Turbo coupe was imported
to the U.S. from 1982 up, but Audi decided to end it in 1985, despite
its continued production in Europe.  The reason was probably exactly

Nevertheless, I hope to see the S2 in this country.  It is a damn fine
car, and would certainly be the second most desirable car on my dream
list (the first one is the 1983 short-wheelbase Audi Sport quattro,
a real exotic performer that can dust just about anything on the
road, even now).

Another neat car that Audi should import is the Audi 80 cabriolet.
This was recently unveiled in Europe, and looks like another real
winner.  The styling is great, where the stowage area for the top is
very neatly integrated.  Hopefully the price won't be so exuberant such
that it will be pushed out of its niche.

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