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Platinum Plugs [FWD from Paul Timmerman]

> Subject: Bosch Platinums in Turbo Motors

I found the following posted is a newgroup.

>A friend with a Saab 900 Turbo installed a set of Platinums and the
>engine would not develop anywhere near full boost without missing badly.
>guy immediately asked if he'd put in Platinums and when he (amazed)
>....  He put stock plugs in and it ran great.

I am now wondering about using them in my Audis.  Both the 84 atmo and
the 83 turbo seem to run fine.  The atmo is easy to explain, no blowing
out of the spark.  The turbo does have the high energy hitachi ignition.
Could this be what keeps it from suffereing like the above Saab?  Or 
is there more to this?  Mabey I don't fel the negative effects, but the
car is NOT missing.