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Re: Platinum Plugs [FWD from Paul Timmerman]

Hmmmm. I find the subject of platinum plugs to be very interesting.
I had tried them when they were first available and I was *very*
disappointed with their performance. I have never used them since.
I think I used them in a 4WD Supaju. It ran like crap (tm).
I have never tried them in my Quattro or Firebird. I find it very 
interesting that they seem to work great in some vehicles, but, at
the same time, mnany people have complaind about poor performance
with them, myself included. As it has been some time since I last
tried them I would be willing to give them another try in the
Quattro, especially since someone has reported good results with
them in the Quattro. Hmmmmm. Comments? Ideas on why they work/don't work?