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Quattro questions

A few Quattro questions for anyone that has any experience with, knowledge
of, or opinions on these various subjects, parts and modifications for the
Quattro Coupe.
1) _ABT_. Anyone have on info to the benefits/problems of any of the ABT
   products such as the Euro computer, pressure regulator, fuel distributor,
   sport wastegate, sport cam, etc? Cockpit boost controller? Sport intercooler?

2) _Automotive Research and Wizardry_ wastegate spring and computer mod?

3) _Intended Acceleration_ wastegate spring and computer mod?

4) 200 20V Turbo engine swap?

5) 200 20V Turbo turbo bypass upgrade?

6) _John Buffum_ (sp?) mods, products, services?

7) _Miller-Woods_ Turbo Group Fueler mod or toher products?

8) _NOS_ (nitrous oxide) ?

9) Sport Quattro engine swap?

10) Super Trapps?

11) other misc performance upgrades, mods, products, ideas, etc?

12) _Boge_ TS (?) (turbo gas?) shocks?

13) _Koni_ springs/shocks/bars kit?

14) _Treser_ products?

15) _MSD_ ignition?

16) dynamic knock control systems?

17) knock indicator or display sustems?

18) fuel enrichment systems?

19) water temp, oil press, boost level or exh temp guages or display systems?

20) alignment tricks?

21) the _Quattro Club_ ?

22) ???