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Re: Need Information on audi 4000's

>From: Deepak Vaidya <dv@welchlab.welch.jhu.edu>

>I am looking into buying a audi, and was wondering what are the major 
>differences between a audi 4000, 4000S, 4000CS, and 4000CS quattro.  I have
>also seen an audi that had 4E as part of the badge.  I went to the public
>library but they dont seem to have any helpful information.
>I will appreciate all the help the quattro group can give me.

Here's a little history on the Audi 4000:

The 4000 was introduced initially in the U.S. as a 1980 model to
replace the aging Audi Fox.  The initial offering was a 1.6L 4-cylinder
with 4-speed manual transmission, both in two and four door versions.
A two-door, 5-cylinder model was later offered, with a 5-speed
(Designated as the 4000 5+5).  In 1981 the displacement of the
4-cylinder was increased to 1.7L, and a 5-speed maunal transmission was
made standard.  The 5-speed models often carry the 4+E badge that
signifies 4 normal speeds plus an economy gear.  This was a wide ratio
5-speed box.  A 5-cylinder model with automatic transmission was also
added.  The Audi Coupe was also introduced in 1981 with a 5-cylinder
engine.  In 1982 they added the "S" designation, and dropped the
5-cylinder models, I don't know of a good reason for the additional
"S", except that perhaps Audi wanted to designate the additional
standard features in the newer models.  In 1983 a diesel and
turbo-diesel model was introduced, but proved to be unpopular.  In 1984
the 4-cylinder displacement was increased again to 1.8L (the GTI
engine).  Also, the 4000S quattro (with all wheel drive and a
5-cylinder engine) was also added.  In 1985 all 4000/Coupe models
received extensive styling changes in the front grille, lights,
bumpers, trunk, and interior.  The 1.8L engine had much higher
compression ratios, and also received the knock-sensing ignition
system.  A close-ratio 5-speed transmission was standard.  In 1986 the
4000CS was a special model to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the
automobile, with additional standard features.  The 4000S quattro was
also re-named 4000CS quattro.  The 1987 model year was the last of the
4000s before the 80/90 series took over.

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