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Re: Quattro questions

> From: michael k finegan <mfinegan@uceng.UC.EDU>
>While we're at it - anyone know of a good source for quattro / audi
>aftermarket parts - in paticular Bilstein shocks / progressive
>coil springs ? I saw that Sachs of America offers spring/shock kits, but
>could never find an address of a dealer ...

Both Eibach and Suspension Techniques makes performance springs for Audis.
All the Eibach springs are progressive rate, and lowers the car about an
inch.  The Suspension Techniques springs are typically linear rate.
Bilstein and Koni are the preferred shocks for Audis.  The Koni has
an added advantage that they are adjustable.  Bilsteins have a reputation
for being too stiff for some people's tastes.  They are all of very high

I have Eibach springs and Koni shocks on my Audi 4000.  I have also added
a Suspension Techniques 25mm rear anti-roll bar, replaced the original
21mm front bar with a 24mm unit from the Audi quattro turbo, and had
a front upper strut stress bar custom fabricated.  These suspension
mods, along with 15x6" Ronal R8 wheels with Fulda Y2000 205/50VR15
tires make the car handle like it's on rails, and yet the ride is
still quite acceptable.

Eibach, Suspension Techniques, Koni and Bilstein parts can all be 
found at various performance parts outlets.  In Northern California
two came to mind: New Dimensions (Santa Clara), Performance Techniques
(Sacramento).  In Southern California, there's Automotive Performance
Systems (Anaheim).  There are many other places to get these parts,
but I have dealt with these before, and have had good experiences.

Shokan Coachworks is a good place to get used Audi parts, if you
can stand the exuberant price and irritating attitude (depends upon
who you talk to).  A much better place for used Audi parts is
German Auto Salvage in Berkeley, CA.  They also have a lot of used
water cooled VW parts.  Another place to try for used Audi parts is
BMVW,inc. in Palmetto, GA.  I have not purchased anything from them,
but they were generally helpful on the phone.

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