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Quattro tire wear

I have found that alignment on Quattros is *absolutely* critical.
It is very difficult to find a shop that can do a proper alignment.
Most of the people that go to Goodear, Sears, etc. for alignments are
just throwing their money away. I patronize a shop in Waltham MA called
_Donovan's Alignment_. As the name implies, this is their speciality and
you will often see Porches, Ferraris, etc in there. They are often
recommended by delaerships and other mechanics as "The Place To Go" (Tm).
I found out about them through _Automeister_, a German automobile speciality
mechanic in Sudbury MA, also highly recommended.

On tire wear, I have been getting ~50,000 miles per set on the 215-50-15
Pirelli P7 Rs on 15x8 wheels on my Quattro. I try to rotate and balance
every 5,000 miles. This is easy if you get your tires mounted and balanced
at Goodyear, they offer FREE rotation and balancing every 5,000 miles.
Good Deal, Goodyear. I do an alignment every fall and every spring when
I switch from snowies to the summer sneakers and vice-versa, and if I
do any major work, CV joints, loose a wheel, etc.

Seriously, 50,000 miles on P7 Rs!

Your milegae may vary,

-glen, Vorsprung durch Technik