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re: quattro coupe update

> 2. Terrible wear due to poor toe-in alignment (IMO) on front tires (Dunlop
>    Sport D8's).  

My friend's 80Q also had one front tire completely worn on the inside
edge due to poor alignment.  Unfortunately this guy is too dumb to
do anything about it.  He insists that it's due to his hard cornering.
Oh well.

> Dealer *would not* rotate tires, claiming that Quattro's
>    should not have their tires rotated. 

Sounds like bull.  The owner's manual recommends rotation at 7.5K, even
for quattros.  I did the rotation on the V8 myself at 7.5K and there's
quite a lot of difference in wear.  Maybe Audi of America will not
reimburse the dealer for rotation which is why they won't do it.