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Running changes on V8 quattro 90-91

If any of you are interested at all, here are the running changes made
to the V8..

- Later 1990 models had tighter transmission brake bands for better
  response.  Final drive ratio lowered (possibly) to 4.11:1

The 91 model had numerous changes, not all good, IMO.

- BBS wheels that look better but are much harder to clean.

- 5 speed manual option with center and rear torsen diffs.  This car is
  also several hundred pounds lighter than the slush version.  Center
  diff. locking is no longer computer controlled, for better or for worse.
  A 6 speed, 4.2 liter, 278 bhp model is coming soon.

- Servotronic speed sensitive power steering which is getting increasingly
  harsh criticism for being like Honda's.  Almost everyone hates Servotronic.
  Except Setright.

- They raised the final drive for the slush version from 4.11 to 3.78.

  Aaarrggghh!!  They get a couple of mpgs better for EPA, but that's
  hardly any consolation.

- The "sports" seats have shorter side bolsters.  They are now the
  same kind that are found in regular 100/5000/4000's.  The '90 model
  has deep, deep buckets and are great at high cornering g's.  One of
  the best seats that I have sat on in any car, the 1990 model, that is.

- HR rather than ZR tires.  They give less grip but are quieter and
  smoother riding.  I'm quite happy with the P600's thank you.

- Hazard flashers moved from stalk to center console.  I would have liked

- Voice activated cellular phone.  The 1990 model had speaker and mic for
  hands-free operation though.

Going to bed now.. will continue with some more V8 chatter..