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Quattro Coupe update

After reading Eliot's update on the V8 Quattro, I though that perhaps I'd
share my experiences with my 1990 Coupe Quattro.

Currently after 12 1/2 months and 28,500 miles I have experienced the
following problems:

1. Persistent "bed-spring-type" squeak eminating from Right Rear.  Dealer
   has tried to fix 3 times, to no avail.  One other customer with his
   QC in the service dept. at the same time identified he's having the same
   problem.  Anyone else have it and/or get it fixed?

2. Terrible wear due to poor toe-in alignment (IMO) on front tires (Dunlop
   Sport D8's).  Dealer *would not* rotate tires, claiming that Quattro's
   should not have their tires rotated.  I got 21,000 miles on the fronts.

3. Burned out light bulbs: 1 front fog light, 1 makeup/vanity light.

Other than that no problems.

One significant plus... my mileage has gone from 21 MPG to about 24-25 now
(and I don't exactly drive wimpy).