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Re: Quattro Coupe update

David Wagner writes about his 1990 Coupe:

>1. Persistent "bed-spring-type" squeak eminating from Right Rear.  Dealer
>   has tried to fix 3 times, to no avail.  One other customer with his
>   QC in the service dept. at the same time identified he's having the same
>   problem.  Anyone else have it and/or get it fixed?

I had a similar noise coming from the rear hatch when I first got my car
(1991 Coupe). Noise would occur whenever I went over a bump. My dealer 
promptly fixed it by adjusting the hatch, making it "tighter". They also 
recommended that I spray silicone on the rubber lining around the hatch
every now and then. Have not had a problem since. 

>2. Terrible wear due to poor toe-in alignment (IMO) on front tires (Dunlop
>   Sport D8's).  Dealer *would not* rotate tires, claiming that Quattro's
>   should not have their tires rotated.  I got 21,000 miles on the fronts.

For 1991, Audi offered HR speed Dunlop SP6 all seasons as a no-cost 
option which I took, so I cannot comment on the tread life of your tires.
However, my dealer re-aligned all 4 wheels as part of the 7,500 service 
(I have 11,000 right now), and that covered under the warrenty. As a by- 
product, the tires changed location, but I don't know if they were "rotated".
Note that I asked for the alignment, I don't know if it's automatically
included in the standard 7,500 service.

> 3. Burned out light bulbs: 1 front fog light, 1 makeup/vanity light.

No bulb problems for me yet.

Given your problems above, perhaps you should try another dealer for
service! If you're in Massachusetts (which I think you are by the 
"stratus.com" address), I can give you the name of my dealer.
Happy motoring.

		- dave t.